Smartstrand Carpet ®

Mohawk’s engineers created an amazing piece of flooring brilliance. The SmartStrand® Forever Clean technology. What is this amazing technology you may ask? Well its simple. It breaks down into a few categories

Forever Stain-Free!

SmartStrand® Forever Clean carpet fiber is engineered with permanent, built-in stain resistance that won’t wear or wash off. With built-in stain protection in its very fiber, your SmartStrand® carpet will remain forever stain-free, no matter how many cleanings.

As Nylon and Polyester carpets are losing the battle against stains, SmartStrand® stands up to it with fibers that don’t let liquids sink in. Like a glass of wine, or your kids favorite juice.

See how SmartStrand (R) Stays Stain Free:

Forever Pure!

Unlike other carpets no mess will stick around. Thanks to this amazing design cleaning is a breeze! Even with pet, people, and other messes thanks to Mohawk you can fight against it. Other carpets absorb up to 5% of their weight in liquids, while with SmartStrand those liquids will just lay on top, and not become part of your floor.

Forever Beautiful!

With SmartStrand the durability, and beauty all comes down to their amazing spring-like design they use for every single fiber. Making it bounce back from any level of wear and tear!

So when you pick SmartStrand you are picking a brand that will last you, and really become part of your home!

Source: Mohawk Flooring – SmartStrand Forever Clean

Check out Mohawk’s SmartStrand Challenge, and see for yourself why this brand is for you!

Instead of just telling you why their carpet is amazing, Mohawk tested it. They went all around finding the toughest, dirtiest situtaions they could to really put their new fibers to the test!

From everyday household messes, to the… biggest of messes. Smartstrand handled it all!

“Over the last 10 years, Mohawk has put SmartStrand through some pretty extreme challenges. Now, Mohawk is putting new SmartStrand Forever Clean, the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet, to the test with an all-new challenge.” – Mohawk Flooring

Make sure to check out more of their amazing styles in our Catalog!

Not only is this carpet amazing, durrable, and stain proof. It even comes in many amazing colors!

Check out our catalog of SmartStrand, and SmartStrand Silk carpets we offer. Along with the rest of the Mohawk brand. If you don’t see that one your looking for you can give us a call! For a complete selection of the offered SmartStrand options you can check out the Mohawk SmartStrand site for more information.